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Heavy Christmas (various artists)

There’s a reason you don’t find holiday albums by Amon Duul or the Mothers of Invention or Black Sabbath.  This just isn’t something to which most self-respecting trailblazers conform.  “Best left to the pop charts” they would say.  So it took a compilation from several Krautrockers – and particularly obscure ones – to assemble a full album of material to complete this Prog Christmas.  As the title suggests, most of the tracks are on the heavy side of the sound spectrum with deep bass lines and sometimes devilish guitar licks.  My favorite is the version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Marcel.  It grooves and grinds in such a decidedly un-Christmas-like way, you needn’t wait until December 24 to add this to your playlist (besides, It is far too fun to ignore the reactions from non Progheads when they turn to you with that look of Is that what I think it is? on their faces).  Still, the album is a compilation of mostly well-known numbers and standard holiday fare.  While the interpretations may be original, the choice of songs surely is not.

3 stars out of 8


1- Evolution [Libido]

2- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [Marcel]

3- All Heaven and All Earth are Silent [Joy Unlimited]

4- Mary Meets Tarzan [Virus]

5- Silent Night [Dies Irae]

6- Come On Everybody [Libido]

7- Heavenly Rose [Ardo Dombec]

8- Sheperd’s Song [Dies Irae]

9- Open the Door, Open Your Mind [Ardo Dombec]

10- X-mas Submarine [Virus]

11- Ecce Navicula [Flute & Voice]

12- Come On Everybody (radio version) [Libido]




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