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Poseidon – Found My Way

Another well-compiled entry in the Garden of Delight catalog.  Poseidon, who began with the name Prussic Acid, was another in the endless supply of German one-album-and-done groups from the 1970s.  Poseidon has a raw, at times amateurish, sound that leans slightly toward the symphonic side of krautrock – not unlike early Eloy, or Shaa Khan’s first album, though with an even more unrefined edge.  Still, Poseidon manage to put together some beautiful songs, the best of which is the eight and a half minute Swimming Against The Stream, with its twin guitars and synthesized seagull sounds.  The title track is also a good one.


The GoD disc includes 8 bonus tracks, but these are wholly unremarkeable (mostly covers), except perhaps as another testament to how diligent and thorough the label is at assembling all these pieces of obscure prog history.


5 stars out of 8



1- The Trip

2- Swimming Against the Stream

3- How Heavy the Days

4- Cold Farmer

5- Surprise

6- Found My Way

7- Run You Off the Hill [Bonus]

8- America [Bonus]

9- Sitting On Top of the World [Bonus]

10- Spoonfull [Bonus]

11- Crossroads [Bonus]

11- John Barleycorn Must Die [Bonus]

12- White Room [Bonus]

13- I’m Goin’ Home [Bonus]





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