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Space Farm – s/t

Space Farm is the name of a trio from New Zealand:  Harvey Mann on guitar, Billy Williams on bass and Glen Absolum on drums.  Space Farm evolved from another group, the Underdogs, before cutting this album in 1972.  Judging from the liner notes, Space Farm thought of themselves as fitting into an introspective yet spacey fold in the music of their time.  The cover art certainly conveys this concept.

Alas, while their music features some of these elements, I hesitate to really consider them Prog.  Rather, it may be best filed under a mishmash of bluesy-psych-pop with a touch of funk.  The song structures are pretty straight forward with little complication (what sparks interest for Prog listeners, in other words).  Still, the album has its moments.  Mann’s guitar turns out some jangly rags, and there’s a great deal of organ (though no one is credited with this instrument anyplace), which can make for some occasional interesting moments.  Not essential by any means, this is something more for the times you’re in the mood for exploring musical tangents.


2 stars out of 8



1- Space Farm

2- Homeward Bound

3- Infinity Way

4- Waking Dream

5- On the Loose

6- Flying

7- Gypsy Queen

8- Wheel

9- Lover Not a Dreamer






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