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Spectrum – Part One

Spectrum were a four-piece (mostly) consisting of Mike Rudd, Ray Arnott, Lee Neale and Bill Putt.  Other members participated for shorter lengths of time.  The music is structured around guitar, bass, organ and percussion.  Occasional flutes or harmonicas are also to be found.  Interestingly, the guitar work (at least on Part One) is mostly rhythmic; it is the organ which dominates most of the leads.


Spectrum played a blend of spacey jams disguised within intervals of more mellow pop melodies.  But don’t be put off by this description; they are definitely capable of revving up the psych-outs just when you might be otherwise lulled into disbelief of their prog credentials.  The song “Fiddling Fool” may exemplify this quality best.  The track’s opening chords (also repeated at the end) bookend a searing release of built-up tension within the organ and drums.


Spectrum recorded three studio albums: Part One (‘71), Milesago (‘72), and Testimonial (‘73).  For more on the history of Spectrum and other Rudd/Putt musical endeavors, see our article here.


5 stars out of 8



1- Make Your Stash

2- Fiddling Fool

3- Super Boy

4- Drifting

5- Mumbles I Wonder Why

6- Launching Place Part 2 [bonus]

7- I’ll Be Gone [bonus]





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